Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Why is it that as soon as hubby leaves for a trip, my kids become deaf, dumb and clumsy? My youngest decided that this afternoon was the best time to try to bend a spoon. He figured it would be nice and warm from sitting in his hot chocolate. While trying to bend it, his arm slipped and knocked the hot chocolate all over the table. His older brother and he looked at this and decided that they would both come to find me to tell me. It did not occur to either of them that perhaps one of them should stay at the table and try to sop up the milk. It did not occur to them that perhaps the school papers that needed signing should be moved off the table. It did not occur to them that the chairs should be moved out of the way of the waterfall of milk (milkfall?). When I entered the room and yelled to my oldest to move the papers as I then ran to get paper towels, he of course couldn't be bothered to listen and instead decided that running around the table was the way to go. Youngest, deciding that his brother was on to something, followed him around the table. The end result was a sopping tablecloth, sopping papers, damp chairs and so on. Later, when I was asking about how the hot chocolate was spilled, Youngest said, "The dumb part was that I tried to bend the spoon- it wasn't hot enough". Yeah, that was the dumb part.